Why Credai

Credai India Logo The Confederation of Real Estate Developers' Association of India (CREDAI) is the apex body for private real estate developers in India. CREDAI represents over 5,000 developers through 20 member associations across the country. Its numerous initiatives and activities help developers come together and work towards better practices, improved customer service and a stronger realty industry.

CREDAI's foremost responsibility is to bring developers on the same platform and create opportunities for them to interact with other stakeholders in the industries like government bodies, professionals and consultants. It facilitates events, workshops, discussions etc. CREDAI engages lawyers, accountants and analysts from time to time for consultations, expert opinions and comments on issues of concern.

CREDAI helps to promote ethics, best practices and professional practice among developers through events, workshops and grievance redressal cells for consumers. It supports its member developers in establishing a reputation as professional organizations. The Code of Conduct provides clear guidelines for developers to serve their customers in an ethical and transparent manner. CREDAI is dedicated to the cause of improving the image of the real estate developer in the eyes of customers, the government and the media.

CREAI builds relationships between developers and the government through representations and active participation in all meetings called by the government to take feedback from the industry. CREDAI has built and developed strong relationship with the government through sustained interactions with the Ministry of Urban Development, Ministry of Housing and Poverty Alleviation, the Planning commission, Ministry of Environment and Forests and others. CREDAI partners with the government to work on areas of common interest and specifically provides a balanced and integrated industry viewpoint on critical aspects like policy and regulation.

CREDAI serves the purpose of providing important services like raising issues relevant to developers in government and non-government forums, suggesting policy changes, making representations, and giving the developers a unified front.

CREDAI's sustainable and forward looking vision is committed to Indian real estate's growth story. Despite the ups and downs in our economy, CREDAI works for a long-term and sustainable development of the real estate industry in India and specifically works on the contribution that private real estate developers can make to this success story.